Welcome to the circus at The Studio Cleveland!


Pre-payment is required in order to reserve a spot in a class. Aerial open gym and instructor-led classes offered weekly. Check out this week’s classes!

Aerial Silks

Stretch to new lengths and climb to new heights with the introductory aerial silks classes, accessible to everyone.

Aerial silks classes focus on basic climbing techniques, knots, and other skills on aerial fabric to build strength, flexibility,
balance and confidence.


Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Build strength and confidence, make new friends and learn awesome skills with aerial hoop classes. 

The classes are accessible to all students, experienced or new to flying. Build strength and flexibility in a fun and creative way! This class is suitable for students ages 16+.


Aerial Silks Kids (Ages 6-15)

Similar to the adult class, this offers an opportunity to build strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence.

Kids must be able to pay attention & follow instructions. Failure to follow instruction will result in removal from class due to the dangerous nature of this activity. Kids must be brought into the building by a parent or guardian, and after class must be picked up in the lobby.


Interested in a private lesson for yourself or a group, or a private party?

Call to inquire.



No swinging on the fabric.


Do not wear jewelry, zippers, etc., that may snag the fabric.


Do not use alone; only use if instructor is present in the same room.


Use caution & do not use the fabric unless you have received proper instruction.


Do not attempt moves you have not been taught by an appropriate instructor.


Master new moves down low before working on them incrementally higher on the fabric.


Payment must be provided at time of booking to reserve your appointment, service, workshop or class. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments, services, workshops, and classes. 24-hours’ notice must be provided when cancelling to prevent your card on file being charged. There is a 100% charge if cancellation notice is given with less than 24-hours’ notice.


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